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Open 7 Days a week for Boarding Dogs
Doggie Day Care: Mon-Fri Drop off 7:00am Pick up 5:00pm. Late fee's will be added if late.     CLOSED SAT AND SUNDAY FOR DOGGIE DAY CARE
Boarding: Open 24 hours Drop off Sat to Sat from 9:00am to 5:00pm CLOSED ON SUNDAY FOR     DROP OFF AND PICK UP.  You may pick up your pet Monday am BEFORE 9:00 AM WITHOUT     AN EXTRA FEE.
Grooming: Open Monday to Friday Am appointments only.

Major Holidays are and extra $5.00 per day meaning the weekend before the holiday through the weekend after all national holidays.  New Years, Martin Luther King, Presidents day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day Veterans Day Thanksgiving, Christmas.  And any other Major Holidays not listed above.
    *Applies to dog Visits, Cat Visits, Overnight, and Doggie Day Care
    *All dogs must come with collars and ID tags
    *Bring your own dog food and treats
    *All dogs over 6 months MUST ​be Spayed/Neutered unless arrangements are made
    *Proof of rabies, kennel cough, distemper vaccine. Must have proof of up to date vaccines               every year and front line for ticks and fleas
    *All vacations must be up to date please have a copy for me to have when renewed
    *All New Pet's For Dog Day Care & Boarding Must set up an interview for us to meet to see       if were a good match.

All home visits are to be PAID IN FULL before your first visit.  All PMT for dogs are to be PAID IN FULL at the time of DROP OFF.  All Boarding and vacation visits are to be paid 1/2 down of the full amount at the time of booking.  The remanding balance is to be paid 2 weeks before vacation starts.  If cancel $50.00 Is none refundable if cancel 2 weeks prior to vacation you loose 1/2 deposit.  If you come home early from vacation you do not get a refund.  Space is limited.  So please book in advance.  Dog and Cat visit at your home are to be canceled 2 weeks in advance.  If not you will get charged for the Visit.  I save your space and cannot rebook if canceled in short notice.

Over night and Doggie Day Care drop off hours 7:00am pick up no later then 5:00pm after     5:00pm late fees added.
    $5.00 for every 5 min late.  CLOSED FOR PICK UP AND DROP OFF ON SUNDAY.  You may     pick up Mon before 9:00am without a charge.  
  *Taxi your pet to and from your house $2.50 Per Mile (Both Ways) Gas prices can change     without notice due to increase of gas.  Please ask for prices.   
*Grooming prices ask please if your dog is matted your prices will change.  If your dog is     difficult prices change. Any extra service extra charges will be added to bill.
Over Night Dogs: Open 24 hours closed Sun for pick up you can pick up mon am before     9:00am    
    Med  and Small Dogs $50.00 per night $55.00 on weekends
    Large Dogs over 40 pounds $55.00 per night $60.00 on weekends
    *Multiple dogs add extra $35.00 Per night per dog
Holiday weeks add $5.00 extra per day Sat-Sun
Doggie Day Care: Hours Mon to Fri 7am to 5pm Closed Sat and Sun
    1 Day $35.00 Holiday weeks $40.00
    2 Day $66.00 Holiday weeks $76.00
    3 Day $90.00 Holiday weeks $105.00
    4 Day $112.00 Holiday weeks $132.00
    5 Day $125.00 Holiday weeks $150.00
    *Multiple dogs add $25.00 Per Dog for doggie day care.

Dog and Cat visits to your home:
    Dog Visits: $35.00 1/2 hour per visit $40.00 on Sat and Sun add $4.00 any extra pets.          Holiday weeks prices change
    Cat Visits:  $35.00 1/2 hour per visit $40.00 on Sat and Sun add $4.00 any extra pets.      Holiday weeks prices change
    *Traveling out of area prices do change.
    *Holiday rates prices change $5.00 extra per visit
     If interested for booking please call for an apt or text at 978-397-8980