Cindy's Pet Care & Grooming Services
Location: Haverhill, Mass
Boarding, Grooming, Dog Day Care, In the Comfort of my home.
 Pet Sitting in your home wile your away on vacation or at work

Boarding Dogs - Must be a two-night minimum(space is limited)​ 24 hour care in my home. Your dog will feel like they are at home with the comfort of my family around them 24 hours.   
 Open 7 Days a week Closed on Sun for pick up and drop off. You can pick up Mon Morning 

Small Doggie Day Care Groups - There is a large out door area for pet's to play in with an 8 foot fence. Double gated entrance for safty.   Your dog will not be kenneled, however kennels are available for use, if needed.   There is an in and out doggie door to basement with heat, AC, and resting area for the comfort of your pets. They have balls and toys to play with. I interact with them to make sure they all get their exercise. I also teach them to behave while at doggie day care and some training. Pets are nice and tired when their owner picks them up at the end of the day.  All pets must get along with other dogs.  Your pet must not be agressive.  All Dog's must be neutered and sprayed.  All dogs must be up-to-date with shots. rabies, kennel cough, distemper vaccine.
Open Mon to Fri hours 7:00am to 5:00pm  Closed Sat and Sun for doggie day care. 

Grooming Service for Dog's - Services are one on one. You drop off in the a.m. and pick up when done. Less stress for your dog and your dog will get my full attention to be safe while grooming. Dogs are never left alone.   Open Mon to Friday: hours 7:00am to 5:00pm Closed Sat & Sun for grooming

Dog Walking and Cat Sitting - at your home while you're at work, all day, or on vacation 
                   Open 7 day a week
Ask about my other services in your home such as...
    *Watering Plants
    *Bringing in Mail and Newspapers
    *Taking out the trash
    *Altering Window Covering and Lighting 
    *Transportation to and from Veterinarian etc...
    *Medication (If needed) extra charges will apply 
    *Daily Log Book of your pets activities

Frequently Asked Questions:
Animals, as well as people, are prone to becoming sick under stress. It's stressful enough to be away from their owner, but when you take them out of their home environment and in close quarters with many other dogs, they have a greater chance of becoming ill, with worm infestation, parvo, fleas, kennel cough (tracheobronchitis) and many other various types of communicable diseases.

*Not having to burden your friends, family or neighbors in caring for your pets.
*Your Pets enjoy their familiar surroundings.
*Your pets receive loving, individualized attention at the level of care they require.
*You feel secure knowing your pets are in the capable hands of a loving caring professional
*The assurance that your pets and home are receiving reliable and responsible care.
*The use of other services offered by a professional pet sitter.

WHY CHOOSE CINDY'S PET CARE & GROOMING? Im am licensed. A safe environment with 24 hour care. Your Pet will feel like they are at there own home wile being boarded over night and dog day care. Grooming is one on one for safety and your pet is never left alone.  
First and foremost I am a pet owner, and I have been my entire life. I know the concern of trying to find the "purr-fect" caregiver service for your pet. But, I am here to help. I am a fully qualified pet care expert who guarantees worry free services and assures the happiness and satisfaction of you and your pets while you are away.


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